212 North 5th Avenue
Laurel, MS  39440
Phn - 601-649-3600
Fax   - 601-649-4428

We are located in the Historical and Beautiful
Downtown Laurel, MS. We have been in business
since the 40's.  It started as Laurel Typewriter
Company and was located across from the Old
Bus Station and moved into the Old Western Auto
Building in 1976 as W. A. Moody and Associates.  
Shortly after it was renamed Office Products
Center.  James and Sue Smith have survived as a
Mom and Pop Business through all the Big
Business manuevers that have eaten up a lot of
the smaller businesses in our area.
Through the years we have worked to
keep our sales and service
departments as qualified as possible
since we know how important
knowledge is to the customers we
serve.   Our supplies ordered today
will be in tomorrow and will be
delivered for free on one of our trucks
or vans.   Our service after the sale is
prompt.  In emergency or down
situations we have repair loans to
keep you going and generally same
day or next day service is normal
operating procedure.